Elite Force Beretta APX CO2 Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun (FDE)

The Beretta APX semi-automatic blowback BB pistol is yet another ultra realistic replica from Umarex USA. Originally designed as a replacement for the Beretta M9, U.S. Armed Forces standard issue, but deemed too expensive for the DOD, Beretta withdrew the APX and opted to modify the M9. As a result, the civilian world benefited by being able to purchase a mil-spec pistol that was "too mil-spec" for the military. Umarex's APX is built with a polymer frame and metal slide and has a true double action trigger. Accessories can easily mount to the front Picatinny rail, giving the user a real-world training tool or backyard plinker. **Specifications:** Manufacturer: Elite Force Model: Beretta APX CO2 Blowback Pistol Muzzle Velocity: 300-310 FPS Magazine Capacity: 15 rds Color: FDE Package Includes: Gun, 2x Magazines **Features:** * Blowback Design * CO2 Operated * Metal Slide * Polymer Body **Please Note:** * Gas is **NOT** included. View Details

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