Lancer Tactical Tornado Drop Leg Holster (ACU)

  • Adjustable to Fit Most Handguns
  • Thumb Break and Retention Strap
  • Integrated Magazine Pouch
  • Attaches to MOLLE or Belt

**Description:** The Lancer Tactical Tornado holster will fit virtually any handgun because of its clever design. The holster is fully adjustable, which can accommodate different sized handguns, even handguns with tactical flashlights. The holster is built with tough, durable, tactical nylon, which is very light weight, and at the same time, long lasting. The holster has 2 leg straps, which are fully adjustable depending on the operator’s size. The Holster also has a quick disconnect buckle from the belt strap, which can come in handy for unloading your gear after a long game. **Specifications:** Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical Model: Tornado Drop Leg Holster Color: ACU **Features:** * Integrated MAG or Light pouch * Adjustable Leg Strap * Fits virtually all handguns with or without tactical light * Thumb break * Retention strap * Adjustable vertical strap View Details

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