Evike Angel Custom Firestorm and Thunderstorm Airsoft Drum Magazines - 1500 Round (Flashmag/Electric Winding Style)

  • Innovative redesign of the standard Airsoft Drum Magazine with a separated Drum Mag Body and easily swappable multi-platform adapter system
  • Modular magazine adapters make it easy for users to repair or reconfigure their Angel Custom "Firestorm" and "Thunderstorm" magazines

_*ATTN: This is an AIRSOFT accessory and Magazine. Battery not included._ The Angel Custom "Firestorm" and "Thunderstorm" Drum magazines improve on the original Airsoft Drum Mag in almost every way. Created for ultimate compatibility, the Drum Magazine body is separate and compatible with a selection of adapters which allows for compatibility with Airsoft M4/16, AUG, AK, G36, Vectors, AUG, or M14 platforms. One Magazine can work with multiple rifle platforms. Compact in design, lightweight in construction, and devastating in capaciy, the Firestorm and Thunderstorm Drum Magazines provides the SAW-style suppression fire without the SAW size and weight. _**• Firestorm**_ utilizes the flashmag style pull cord system to wind the magazine for firing. Popular and reliable; just pull the cord 3-6 times set the spring tension that keeps the BB's feeding into your rifle. If that wasn't enough to last the entire game, just pull the cord a few more times and you're back in the action! _**• Thunderstorm**_ is designed to electronically wind the magazine for firing. Using a 9V battery, just press a button and let the motor do the work. Great for convenience, tight spaces, and for the exhausted. _**• Each Adapter**_ is specifically compatible with the Firestorm and Thunderstorm platforms. Interchangable and easy to install, you can set up multiple gun platforms to use a single drum mag or switch from Thunderstorm to Firestorm using the same Adapter. **Compatibility:** Depends on the adapter. Please select carefully. You can also purchase the Drum mags and each adapters separately for easy replacements. Fits most manufacturers but please be aware that some Airsoft guns will not be compatible with the adapters due to differences in standards. **Drum Capacity:** 1500 Rounds; 6mm BBs only **Materials:** DuPont polymer **Manufacturer:** Angel Custom View Details

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