HIVIZ Wide Magnetic Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

  • Wide magnetic shotgun sight
  • Color: green
  • Made in the USA
  • Magnetic base sight to fit ventilated shotgun ribs from .328 inches to .437 inches
  • Sight includes four interchangeable LitePipes 2 green and 2 red
  • Fits Winchester all post 1964 pumps and autoloaders Mossberg all (except ported models) Browning Citori target grades (except super wide ribs) Beretta S682 Comp and trap guns
  • HiViz recommends gunsmith installation for all dovetail sights. Due to manufacturing tolerances, some firearms may require additional fitting.

This magnetic base, shotgun front sight fits ribs from .328" to .437" (21/64" - 7/16", or 8.3Mm-11.1mm). it comes with two green, and two Red fiber optic family LitePipes. Fits: - Browning (Citori target Grades, except for super wide ribs), and the S400-R Beretta (S682 Comp, trap guns) - Winchester (all post-1964 pumps and autoloaders) - Mossberg (all non-ported models) View Details

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