HIVIZ Plain Barrel Fiber Optic Tactical Shotgun Sight, Medium

  • Fits: shotguns without vent rib & removable front bead
  • Material: aircraft grade aluminum
  • Color: green

An excellent Defensive sight, featuring a large fiber optic insert protected by a skeletonized aluminum housing. Installs into the existing front bead Slot on most ribless barrels. Green fiber optic insert. Specifications: - fits: shotguns without vent rib & removable front bead - material: Aircraft grade aluminum - color: green - finish: matte black. Notes: - this medium sight is intended for shotguns that have a rifle-type or Ghost ring rear sight. This sight will measure approximately 0.450 inch from the barrel to the center of the fiber optic rod - mounts inside front bead of most tactical or smooth-bore shotguns - front fiber optic sight protected by skeletonized frame View Details

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