TRUGLO Long Bead Fiber Optic Sight 6-48 Red

  • The industry's favorite bead replacement
  • Fiber diameter is .078 inch
  • Fiber length is 0.5 inch

Truglo Longbead shotgun sights. Truglo Longbead Red shotgun sight base is machined in metal for ultimate strength and reliability. Built to fit Remington shotguns, the Truglo Longbead shotgun sight features a fiber optic for increased accuracy and performance. The fiber diameter is .078 inch and a length of 0.5 inch. Truglo Longbead shotgun sight features: Red fiber optics metal base. Features:- the industry's favorite bead replacement - CNC machined - fiber diameter is .078" - fiber length is 0.5" - Universal TG947ARM includes different size mounting screws. Specifications:- type: fiber optic sight - material: metal - color: Red - firearm type: Remington - base: 6-48 View Details

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