Evike "Operator Profile PVC Hex Patch Flag Series

  • Interlockable on each side for maximum space efficiency
  • High quality PVC rubber construction with hook / loop backing
  • Search "Evike Hex Patch" to find our full collection of different themed series
  • Enhance helmets, attach to vests, stick on sleeves, dangle off gloves, cushion knee pads, decorate backpacks, enhance gunbags, superglued to your sunglasses, tucked into your pocket, ride shotgun on long lonely drives, be used to battle giant lizards, deflect BBs, win in the Olympics, rescue the princess, or destroy the moon. *These claims may or may not be real. Buyer accepts full responsibility for lizard bites, getting only second place, rescuing a mushroom man by accident, or anything else*
  • *Evike's Matt and Shades, featured in the images, are not included (no matter how much you beg). They are priceless, and therefore unbuyable.*

_Plate carrier shown in images not included. Other patches sold separately. Just search "Evike Hex Patch" to find our full collection!_ The Operator Profile Series of hex patches by Evike brings a new dimension to the ever popular morale patch. Morale patches help us express ourselves via our equipment. Whether it's our national flag, our favorite weapons manufacture, or just a snarky saying, Morale patches say a little bit about us, in a 2x3 inch square. The Evike Operator profile series goes even further, designed to be interlocked, the Operator Profile Hex patches allow you to fit multiple patches in a given loop field. Profiles cover Zodiac Sign, relationship status, what weapon class you are in, and even whatever mood you happen to be in that day. Tell your team mates a little bit about you with the full collection of Evike Operator Profile Hex Patches. **Features:** High quality PVC rubber construction Hook adhesive backing **Dimensions:** 1.5" x 1.5" **Manufacturer:** Evike **About IFF Patches:** IFF Flags identify friendly individuals to prevent friendly-fire. IFF flags with hook and loop are often placed on helmets, tactical vests, backpacks, caps, BDU's, etc. View Details

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